Start them saving young…

…and get them into ‘safe investing‘ once they become the right age to be responsible.

I had a conversation with my daughter, who has been sitting on some vanguard investments that she made earlier in the year.

She had forgotten about checking the account because, well, she is busy living life.

I asked her to check it.

She was surprised to see the money that she had put away, with some guidance from me, had made her more money. This was enough to give her the ‘penny has dropped‘ moment.

She now gets it.

That’s it. That is the post for today.

Keep it simple.

That way, your children will engage with the idea of investing because they will understand how it works at the top end. 

When they understand it and see that money is working to make you more money, they will get one of the base life principles.

Which is, money attracts money when it is treated with respect.

So, respect money and it will respect you.


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