Intermitting Fasting works, but takes time.

For the last two weeks have been following a routine of intermittent fasting where I skip food from 6pm to 7am the next day – 13 hours each fast.

I do this every second day, and it is easily done because it is not that challenging so far. It has been working, and I have been slowly and effectively losing belly fat. Midweek is where I feel the difference because I am working flat out in the day job, burning energy and consuming more calories than I consume.

The question I have to ask myself is if it is moving quickly enough for me? Since I see the difference, should I push it more to see if the change happens quicker? I am in decent shape at the moment and finally recovered from the foot injury that has been plaguing me on and off for the last year – so I should ratchet it up a bit.

I think I can do more and push myself further to switch it up this week and fast longer and for more days in a row. 

This week’s target will be to fast from Sunday to Thursday from 3pm to 7am each day – 16 hours of fasting! (sleeping for the majority of that, though!)

Friday is a night out with the lads, so there will be no fasting that day, but I might need to look at the Chips intake?

The chips are so good, the test will be to see if I can refuse them – I think I will fail that test.

The Saturday, I will see how I feel. If it is a good day, I will give myself a reward. Which will be…

A meal out that will serve as some material for my Youtube video channel and do the job of being super tasty – but I will have to moderate. That will be the incentive, the reward that I will need to achieve the 16 hours fast.

That’s the thing that always motivates me with any habit stacking or target setting. I have to have something to aim for, and for me, it is not the goal or the achievement. It is the incentive.

It is the reward. 

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