Disaster strikes!

It has been a good weekend on the one respect, and on the other, it has been a disaster.

The blogging has been enjoyable, and the weekend of experiences, food and company has been all brilliant.

However, from Friday onwards, I have been hit with a Final Cut Pro crashing problem. So friggin annoying. I have been trying to fix it, but so far, no success. It is incredibly frustrating because I was just about to publish the YouTube movie I was working on, and that’s when the corruption started. As soon as I tried to open the file to finish and publish it, it would crash.

It is driving me nuts!

So I was on FaceTime with my son, and we were trying to work through the problem, but it became clear I was probably going to have to start again.

So I said, son, “looks like I am going to have to scrap this as the file is bad, and I will have to start it again from scratch.”

“Nah, Dad.” My son Said. “You are not starting from scratch; you are starting again but from a position of experience.”

That one positive comment from my son took all the sting out of the frustration I felt about the whole video thing.

So, I did the right thing. I started again.

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