Communication Is King, but…

I love encountering a beautifully designed thing. Anything that has been well thought out and it does the job it was purposely designed to do.

It is a pleasure to behold such a thing. So many aspects that just meet the specific requirements that come together to form genius in motion. The perfect weight. The perfect form. The perfect colour, aesthetics, the look. The perfect meeting of my needs and just the simplicity in usability. Just a beautiful thing that has been lovingly crafted.

All of that matters. All of it and more should go into making something that people want to buy again and again. Lock in your customers by producing beautiful designs…

…but don’t lock them out by placing everything into packaging that is like Fort friggin Knox to get into.

Jeezus man, I was trying to get into a box of chocolates as I had a mad sugar rush craving, and for the life of me, it was taking forever to open up the box. The idea from the chocolate company was to present the chocolate in such an appealing way that I would buy it. Still, they forgot about the need to access the bloody thing.

I sometimes wonder if the person who designed the product had any say in the packaging design or even had any connection with the person who created the packaging?

I am just guessing here, but it feels to me, that they are in two different parts of the organisation. This demonstrates a typical lack of communication across various arms and legs of a company – as seen by all of us mere mortals.

Maybe the package designers should have worked with the sword designing part of the organisation because I ended up using a large knife to open the packaging.

Anyway, communication is super important and as the saying goes, you can never over-communicate…

But then maybe the designer of the chocolate product was a little bit guilty of just that. They were over-communicating the beautiful sweet experience that would lift you up into another world as you tasted a little slice of heaven, because they failed to communicate the other part of the story.
They failed to add in their communication the idea of hacking your way through reams of plastic. Fighting against the dangers of cardboard cuts and carefully hidden sellotape that sneakily fools you into believing you are almost there, only for you to be denied access at that vital minute.

Yeah, communication is the key to everything. I get that, and I agree. But make sure it is the correct type of communication; otherwise, you frustrate everybody around you…

…and the most frustrated people are the ones that pick up their swords to retaliate or fight amongst themselves because they are all confused.

You don’t want that when everyone, deep down inside, is just looking for peace man!

And they don’t really want to be storming the castle.

That takes up too much energy!

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