The Upgrade Cycle.

Before you get caught up in the next upgrade cycle, check what it is that you are upgrading from. Ask yourself if what you already have does the job you already need it to do? 

Check out as much as you can on the internet to see if you are squeezing every last drop out of the item you are using. Many people don’t use half of the full potential of what they have but yet covet the new thing. Often, chasing they are chasing the ‘new something’ as the secret to their success – telling themselves that this new thing is what they are lacking and that this is the reason why they are not doing the best that they can.

I know all of this because I am basically describing myself. But, I know I am not unique. There are many people out there with the same mental approach to justifying the expense of the new upgrade. Often though, it is the owner that is needing the upgrade.

I changed my approach last year and decided to take the time to learn more about what I have and make sure I am getting the most from that product. You would be amazed what you can find out about maximising the products you own by spending a couple of hours surfing across youtube. I guarantee that if you do that, you will think twice about going for the upgrade.

After all, a bike with five gears is very much the same as a bike with six gears, so ask yourself, do you need that extra gear, or can you pump that out with your own effort?

I would say that you can pump out the power you would gain from the sixth gear by pushing yourself and the five gears on the bike that little bit harder.

If you master that performance upgrade, then you will be put off buying the bike with the six gears. 

Just wait, wait for the bike with seven gears.

It’s worth it.

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