The one thing I learned today above all else.

Today was the first day back to the day job after having two weeks off on annual leave. It is always a struggle to get back into the job and to catch up where you left off. 

Well, for most people.

A certain sluggishness comes with the first day back, coupled with it being that all-important day of the week… MONDAY!!

Today was a Monday. Never my favourite day of the week because I don’t get it. I have been forever confused why so much emphasis is always put on a Monday. Why is it still a Monday after all these years? Why do we try to do all the stuff we do on a Monday, on a Monday?

This is one of the questions I tossed around today as I fought against going all-in on the catching-up process. The other question or thought I had was on the people currently working from home and this big future exodus of people quitting the office for good. 

Is it for a lasting real?

The smart people are calling it as they currently see it. The new way of working is all about the hybrid work from home and being in the office. I get that this is being driven by unforeseen factors and the pandemic situation, but do we actually think this will be a long-lasting change. 

In a couple of years, post-Covid, will this be the same situation, or will we contract back into what we did pre-pandemic? Will we be in a hybrid position or be told to get our asses back into the office?

I think we will be getting our asses back in the office. The control freaks, the people who measure stuff… they need to see what they measure. And, what gets measured gets done. Right!!

I think the bigger question is the format of the working week.

If things are really being changed, employment evolution, employee revolution… the power to the people, if this is the case, then great. Count me in, but can I suggest going further.

Can someone pick up the whole question around Monday’s if we get the big go-ahead to maintain the home come office scenario? Can we ask the question, do we need to do everything we do on a Monday. 

I mean. Do. We. Really?

I wonder if a company is already picking this up and making the new, more futuristic, visionary normal. Are they challenging out the Monday? I would really love to see that in action. 

Be progressive with it. Go on. I fecking dare you.

A side thought, but did Captain Kirk on the Star Trek enterprise display any days of the week in his ship update? Did he have to add in, this is your captain, and this is Monday… here, I present my insightful sales reports so you can put into your digitalised files and ignore them forever?

Anyway, maybe I am just frustrated because there is no way in hell I can get to work from home. It is the job I do. It is the way it is.

But I learned today that If left to my own devices, I can be super productive and get sh*t done. When in the ‘office’, I get waterlogged with other peoples tears. I get bogged down with dirt, and I get sunk by the anchors of others that can weigh me down.

Without the interruptions, I can get sh*t done. I know this because that is what I did during the time I was off. 

I got SH*T DONE.

But that is not the one thing I learned above all else today.

There is one key lesson that I did learn. This is one thing that is clearer to me now than ever before. What was always a calling for me. My day job, is no longer that.

My day job is work.

And the one thing I learned today is that work is WORK.

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