3 lessons from Friday socks on a Friday!!

The insight came from a comment from my Son the night before. I was pondering his words on the walk into my work that very same morning. We were coming to terms with a rather frustrating driving test situation where things were repeatedly cancelled due to an ever-changing covid situation and the over bureaucratic nature of one tough administrator. I explained to my Son that we just need to be calm and deal with what we can. Continue reading 3 lessons from Friday socks on a Friday!!

A cash splurge is a good thing!!

In addition, I have always preached the benefit of the occasional reckless splurge of cash on something that you probably didn’t need, but it was something that you wanted. I would set it up in the conversation as a test, and if you pass that test, then you should keep going. If you fail and you have fallen off the wagon, and your spending runs away from you again, find a way back onboard that works for you. Continue reading A cash splurge is a good thing!!

A whole lot of great music!!

Today, on my thirty-minute walk to work, I switched my mind back to music and to compliment that, I changed my well-worn path. I took a different road into work and passed things I had forgotten that were there. I seen different faces, and I walked with a spring in my step even though the burnt orange leaves of autumn were littering the sidewalk of the back roads that I danced along. Continue reading A whole lot of great music!!