About Me.

What makes me an authority on anything let alone having the nachos to talk about things such as Financial Independence, Health, Learning Mandarin or Leadership and Business?

The answer in short. Nothing. However, I have had an interesting life so far and that along with a passion for researching and sharing the things that inspire me, then I believe I have something to offer.

I am from a family of 14… 12 children and an amazing set of parents. That family life shapes you and drills into you a desire to support and care for others along with an ability to bend and shape within a group. Back then we were always very much a team.

Born in Glasgow in Scotland, I and many of my brothers and sisters have each went on different paths and now find ourselves living and working on the opposite sides of the world.

For instance, my brother Stew, lives in Florida, but has just moved down there from New Jersey and I live in Beijing, China having travelled and found my way to here via a few other stops along the way.

We have all seen weddings, funerals, divorces and our fair share of births and work place challenges and we find ourselves even more connected as a family.

I am curious about life and learning and discovering more and I have a burning desire to ‘play it forward’ with the desire to help others and give back something. 

Helping others is the best gift you can give yourself. Sounds cliche, but guess what… it is true.

As a parent I have a desire to help strengthen the financial awareness of my children, a need to look after my own health and guide theirs, both physically and mentally… as I definitely want to be about to see them grow old and I want them to grow old.

From my professional background I feel that I can benefit the conversation on leadership, entrepreneurship and mindset as I attempt to build my future self by re-tooling for the world that is yet to come. Not easy for a person passing through mid-life, but come along with me and see if I inspire a little in your own learning journey.  

The upshot of all this is that I am clear that the world my children and I will grow old in will be so very different from the world we have now and as part of my focus is on preparing them for that experience I will be sharing my stuff on here for them to take what they need.

Learn. Save. Live. Reflect.

But do it slowly, connect the dots to have that rich life…

…patience wins out every time.