20 things I have learned about personal development this year.

This year (3 months in), I have been working on my personal development. I have distilled down my notes to share my twenty most significant learnings with you.


Procrastination is a killer of your dreams and aspirations. You should always identify that you are actively avoiding the job at hand – call yourself out on that sh*t.

You are not stuck. You just need to reframe how you are thinking about things – there is always a way out of any situation or task.

You should not be bothered about what people say about you. It is a cost that you can not afford to pay – f*ck them, if there is one thing the wired world tells us is that every numpty with a keyboard has an opinion.

Happiness and gratitude are not solely an output of something; it is an input. It is the starting point of everything, and you should make it the starting point of your day.

You can not outperform yourself. You are what you are – the amalgamation of all the incredible complexities that have aligned to create your unique specialness, be everything your potential promises you.

Without a compelling vision for where and what you want to be, you will forever drift. Goal setting is one thing, but find your purpose and place in life and habit your way to that vision.

We are not meant to settle for the average, but we don’t stop to calculate if that is precisely what we have done – stop, ask yourself the questions you need to ask. Be as direct as you would be with anyone else that threatens your life.

To change your outside, you must first change the inside. Everything starts in the mind. Desire is the key to turn to unlock the door to your own potential, work on growing your desire for everything that you want.

You are never alone in your fight for your success. It is an internal struggle that everyone has. We all have that battle going on, and we know nothing of the internal conflicts in the minds of others. So be f*cking supportive or shut the f*ck up. Look to add value to others, not take it away.

Resilience is the ability to bounce back up when things knock you onto your ass. You will get knocked down time and time again, but it is always about how you get back up and how quickly you get beyond that kicking.

Value your own time as it is the only way you will get others to value it for you. Frame things with your time in mind and ask if that investment of your minutes, hours or days is worth it because, unlike money, time is gone forever.

Work with amazing people that light your fire, find them, seek them out. Working for organisations is one thing. To gather their monogram on your resume like a trophy is futile. You are a groupie for the badge number. Seek to work for the best people and study and learn from them, and don’t waste your time trying to understand all the f*cking idiots in leadership. There are too many to make sense from.

Everything in life is about transference. Frame the movement of money as a wealth transference. See what direction money moves in and then realise that everything in life is about transference. Money is the obvious one. Know what direction you want to move your transferences in and what it is that you want to transfer, and then understand where it lands has an impact.

Never stop learning Sh*t. If you are not learning, then you are going backwards, don’t be backwards. Knowing your career is about the great people you work for and learn from; it should also be about what skills you are learning.

Competencies are a framework that someone else imposes to articulate to others the fraction of you that you expose to them. It is about control wrapped up in development.

Know when to quit something. Sometimes no matter how hard you try, you can not make a pig fly. Also, know when to say F*ck off to something, but keep it to your own internal conversation – unless you need to use that hammer. Even a surgeon uses a hammer.

Create your life with passion. It is for you to design the life that you want, do not just let life happen to you. Sculp the f*ck out of the clay of life and be your own Michelangelo.

Lists are great at what they are – just f*cking lists of helpful stuff. 

Pick something and take direct action. 

There is no substitute for just doing.

Visit China and experience something special.

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