The one thing that always beats me is…!

Like everyone out there, I have been tackling a ton of stuff over the years. Some of which I have defeated, and some I am still striving to get an understanding of, and a couple things I think have almost beat me… although I am still in the fight.

I will persevere.

“Everyone is fighting a battle that is hidden from the open-world, so always be kind” is a great saying to remind us how fragile people are. 

I love that phrase, and we all should always live the ‘be kind’ part. I have so much respect for anyone who is tackling stuff beyond the experiences that have challenged me. The world is complex, and it would be so much more workable if people helped each other more.

Recently I have been looking back on some of the things that have been forever beating me. As a divorced father of two amazing grown-up kids living in the other part of the world, there is a lot to choose from.

But I am happy to say the relationship I have with the kids is great, and we are surviving, and it looks like we will all get to see each other soon.

There have been many struggles over the years with where my mind is at. I have been working on happiness, sadness, tugging on getting some form of financial balance and decent longevity in my life. 

It is good to say I am working to leave all of that behind. Not the life longevity part, that part I want to keep very much in front of me… I want to live as long as I F*cking can. I do not imagine death to be a good experience, so I want to avoid it as long as possible.

The one thing that gets me every time, though, is something that is always there, lurking in the background. Waiting to pounce, and it successfully ambushes me regularly each day.

The culprit is a hidden danger to many, and I can’t get to the point where I manage to keep it under control.

I wish I knew a way to eradicate it, but it is almost impossible. I have tried, and I have never even managed to make a dent in it.

I am toying with the idea of tackling this next month, and I have only a couple of days to decide, but I am not sure if I am up for the struggle.

After all, it is almost summer, and this product is always everywhere at this time of year. It is in everything and always seems to be in my favourite stuff. 

As I consume this sh*t, I can almost feel the damage it is doing to my dad body…

What is the one thing that always beats me?


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