The skin of my teeth…


I am making the deadline for this blog by the skin of my teeth.

My commitment to no one else but myself was to blog every day this year. It has been a year of being away from family, a pandemic, and many other small personal battles to work through.

This blogging goal has kept me sane. I don’t have that many people reading it but, I am good with that because that was always the cherry on the cake. It is a form of therapy, and the upside is that I get to talk about stuff, mainly to myself, but I get it out in the open, at least.

It works. Try it for yourself and see. Set a goal and stick with it.

The goal, the sense of achievement at the end of the year, is my aim. By then, I will have generated 250,000 words and 365 blogs… what to do with that? I have no idea. But something will come from it.

I am not sweating the small stuff. Who cares.

However, let me get back to sharing my, mmmm, testing day.

The reason for just making it by the skin of my teeth today was because there was a lot going on. There was a bunch of stuff today that was also testing my new found Keanu skills (read yesterday’s blog)

But, I have stayed remarkably calm. Even when that shambles, British Airways, had messed up and then lost my booking. 

I had just made the booking a couple of days ago. This booking is the flight to get me home to see the family for the first time in a year and a half. This conversation with BA seriously tested my Keanu – it almost also tested my Keanu throat punching skills, but I held it all at bay. 

Cheers again, Keanu!

But at the end of the day, the sun is shining, well, a full moon glow, because the day wrapped up stupendously agreeable.

Why? You ask.

The day ended so well because I booked tickets to see a famous painting at a museum in Beijing. I am going to see this:

‘Thirty-six views on Mount Fuji – The Great Wave off Kanagawa’

By Katsushika Hokusai.

Look it up. You will recognise it. It is very cool.

The painting is on display until the 6th of May, and I am stoked about getting a ticket to go see it. I know it is not everyone’s cup of tea, but I see it as being up there with a DaVinci or a Picasso! 

Yep, I do, in my humble opinion. I also studied the History of Art away back in the day, so I have some background to make that call.

The day also ended so well because I made this blog by the deadline, so what is not to like about today?

It has been a corker of a day…

Apart from British Airways – ‘they can run and jump.’

Is that passive enough for you, Keanu?

I so f*cking hope so because it is the best I can do at this moment. I am also sitting on my hands that are bunched into fists, so I am typing with my nose. ; )

Oh, but I am smiling.


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