Not everything counts…

When it comes to a diet. Not everything counts the same. Obviously!
Food can be heavy on what’s good for you or heavy on what ain’t so good – you can go cheap or expensive.

When it comes to buying something, not everything costs the same or has the same value – you can go cheap or expensive. It depends on what you are dropping your cash on, but there should be a sense, a strategy, behind a decent choice.

When it comes to relationships, not everything and everyone is the same. Again, you can go cheap or expensive…

What I mean by that is that you can spend your time accordingly. Go be the big spender with the people you love deeply and get spendthrift on the guys you might want to keep at arm’s length.

You know the ones to keep at arm’s length. The guys that might be fun but not adding that much value to your growth and development. The people who cause you more harm than good, these guys. The catch-up now and again, people!

Spend wisely with these guys, as they will constantly be dipping into your purse. They will rob away your time if you allow them.

When it comes to your passions in life, you can also spend wisely. You can go cheap with your energy or expensive with your energy… but the knowledge I have gained through my recent projects is that things ebb and flow. Not much is consistent or steady. Forget searching for an anchor.

I have a passion for creating some stuff. That’s the wrapper for me. What I am making is fluid and interchangeable. I am not going to be too precious on what my singular passion is. That’s too much binary in a non-binary world for me.

That lesson transcends all of my comments above. Be flexible because not everything needs the same attention at the same time.

But do yourself a favour, identify one thing. Identify that not everything counts.

This is something you have to see to believe!

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