Invest in experiences…

Before I start, I just want to put this out there, owning things is a good thing. Owning something gives you anchoring and reflects your identity. It also gives you great pleasure because if you have curated what objects you have spent your hard-earned cash on, you definitely know how to get the most from them. Well done, in living a good life and enjoying the things you buy, this is what keeps us balanced. Happy.

I own stuff. I don’t own too much stuff, and these days I try not to buy things and add them to my other stuff. But I do purchase objects and they give me great pleasure because I try and get the most from them.

“The things you own end up owning you”

Chuck Palahniuk

As I have often said, I try and curate what I buy, and I assess when or why I buy based on several questions I ask myself. Yeah, I am a bit obsessively neurotic that way. I also don’t want to be weighed down by having too many belongings. It is just the way I am – probably lazy at the core, too much to carry, clean, and keep organised.

Here is a question for you…

Ask yourself, how often do you spend money on objects versus how much you spend on experiences?

A friend was telling me that they were looking forward to going on a cruise this year as they had missed going last year due to the pandemic situation. I had never been on a cruise before, but the way my friend talked so passionately about the experience made me want to go on a cruise. They painted such a glorious picture of the cruise experience for me that the idea of taking a cruise has moved way up on my bucket list of experiences. 

I also have another great friend that balances owning stuff and gaining experiences perfectly. He is the master of the balance on this thinking. He is someone that might have the best camera kit, earphones, computer or whatever, but he knows how to get the most from all of what he owns. He travels, engages, creates and inspires many by his passion for life and how he uses and employs what he owns into his everyday life.

He is the exception to the rule, a one of a kind in many ways more than one, and he is also a mean golfer. ; )

But for many of us, we buy objects, but we often don’t get the balance right with how we invest in life experiences. As we come through the pandemic situation, we should take the time to reflect on what we own versus what we experience. I baulk at the idea of the ‘new normal’ because I am not sure if that much will change in the long term, but what do I know. 

I hope that the one thing that does change is that we take the time to spend more occasions with our loved ones enjoying and having incredible experiences.

What we remember isn’t objects. What we remember are experiences. We should invest our time and effort, and money to get these experiences.

We need people around us and in our lives to help us create memories. We bond with others during experiences; it is what makes us human. So if you know someone that has a gap in their life, step forward into that gap and make a difference for them and for you.

There are incredible people out there in the world, and taking a moment to connect with them could lead to a whole new experience. 

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