Tempting to take a day off!

Not feeling up for it today.

I was thinking about taking a day off from uploading a blog…

But I can not do that as my commitment is to upload every day for this year. 

365 blogs, approx 250,000 words and a whole lot of pictures. All great material for falling back on for the next life journey that I might take.

I realised that I wrote a whole lot of blogs on the phone. I also realise that my usage measurements, my screen time, for my phone are through the roof!

We all use the phone too much. It can run our lives, and it can run our lives. Maybe add in an ‘i’ to that word to even enhance it more. ‘It can ruin our lives’ …somedays.

I have to admit. Somedays, I just want to grab the phone out of someone’s hand and scream… pay f*cking attention. My two pet hates at the moment. 

  1. The person on their phone when they are supposed to be serving you – because that’s their job.
  2. The person that stops suddenly in front of you because of the need to check their phone for something.

The other day I was stuck walking behind a wonky walker who was playing a game on their phone. An even worse example happened today at the top of an escalator. I went right into the back of someone who stopped to watch the end of a movie on his phone. 

That caused a pile-up of people. I did laugh at the scene, though… the dumbass who stopped was oblivious.

Yeah, we use our phones too much—slaves to them.

But, they also give us great moments. One of the great things is getting a pleasant surprise on a photostream from days gone past.

So for my post today. I am sharing with you the pictures that popped up on my phone. I share a few that made my day.

Enjoy China.

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