You are not free… the Netflix has you.

The more I travel this world and see with my own eyes, the more I know that you are not free. The life of a nomad brings you as much freedom as you chose but opens the eyes to statues of recognition. You are not free.

Yes, you. Mr I am safe in the West. You are not free. Stop thinking you are. They will come for you, it’s almost time. 

See how this summer unfolds as political wills and social injustices collide.

You think I am joking. I am not. I laugh at the absurdity of the people who don’t see it coming. I see it. But it is what it is, Winston. No amount of doublespeak will change that.

As the military complex implies, you can not stop progress. Billions awarded to Microsoft to develop virtual reality glasses for war. Robot dogs are so realistic that they can hunt you down. Drones blasting from above – Skynet is coming.

Cryptocurrencies on the rise. Mmm. Money online what is not to like? That makes sense. Feels like at some point, the same people who didn’t see Enron will say the same. How did we not see this coming? The smartest guys in the room will not see it coming.

You will continue to live the life of Michael Douglas in Falling Down. Angry at the small stuff and waiting for your time for the big finale that never comes. Your proud gun ownership is sanctioned by the right to bear arms and blow people away with high power.

When you are finally rounded up and placed in a camp, you will look for an out. There will be but a few that will stand tall for humanity. They will write their own Schindler’s list, and you will encourage the others to top the list. Because you love your fellow human. You will be the Katniss to Pimm, and so you should be. That is where the hero’s come from.

Until then, you have your own confinements. The matrix of sandbags that you have put on yourself. You are chained to a mindset of debt. Force-fed a diet of information from a network of millionaires owned by a handful of billionaires.

You are not free because what you vote for does not happen. It is squashed by other interests. The people, the masses, are too mild to rise up. Beaten down by negativity and made to fear your fellow man who has done you little harm. 

If you are not careful, the people who own the news will have you hating the people who are being oppressed and loving the people who are doing the oppressing. Denzel will be trying to inspire you on YouTube, but you will watch cat videos because that is what makes you laugh.

Freedom has a blue painted face where I come from, and if needs be, people might take up arms. A struggle is real when it becomes personal, and for many, it has become personal. Standing by and watching corruption can be the accepted view from the South, but from the North, the iron throne is meaningless when it is set upon by a buffoon.

You might think that this is all a piece of pulp fiction, but I can assure you it is not. It is from the heart and filtered through the window of Netflix.

The window of the mighty Netflix gives me everything I need. The good, the bad and the ugly and while I watch with eyes wide shut, I can not see the world we truly live in. 

Bread and circuses.

But is it really any different from the days of my youth? We had political angst, music and drama to go with it. A soundtrack was befitting of the times. God save the Queen, and when I go back to the future, I see us, the family, crowded around the television set. Mindlessly watching the Simon Cowal equivalent. Jim will fix it, and so he did, along with the broadcasting company and the establishment. 

That is a fact only now, after years gone by and the guilty are in oblivion. We can look back and see there will always be a hardcore group that will dedicate themselves to saving a private Ryan.

And when you know that there is a core of John Connor’s out there, you can be all Jimmy Stewart and think to yourself….

It’s a wonderful life.

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