What inspires me these days?

The very same thing that inspired me as a child, as a teenager and as an adult.
You. People.
I grew up in a massive family: 12 Children and many other siblings.
It was a crazy, fun upbringing with a father that encouraged us to learn and a mother that inspired us to make things.
The one thing that always amazed me was the people. The characters that passed in and out of our family life.
To this day, I think back to that cast and know that I would have a rich stream of reference material—great people of very varied experience.
I could make up the cast of a sitcom or a Mafia movie, depending on how I wrote the story.
I love people.
They make life so exciting, and they can confuse, frustrate and inspire in equal measure.
Beijing, China, has every member of the cast from my childhood but in Asian form.
From that barometer, I realise that people are the same the world over, and most people just want to get on together, enjoy each other, and stay safe.
The media, the high owners of things, would like us to be doing otherwise.
It keeps us distracted and hating each other.
But we are beginning to see.
People are waking up to it.
And the people that now have their eyes wide open…
Well, they inspire me more than others because they have made a conscious choice to move on. To see what is real and make a decision.
I love the people that move from hate to peace.
The people that move from No to Yes.
I love the people that move from we can’t do it, to let’s have a go and see what happens.
People inspire me.
You inspire me.
Thank you.

Yes, this is China…. Have a look and be surprised.

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