You have never lived until you have…

Cycled through the streets of Beijing on a rental bike.

Cycling the streets of Beijing.

You will experience the following;

The parked car in the cycle lane so you will have to pull out onto a busy express road. Scary.

Two way traffic on a one way system. Confusing.

Your fellow cyclist on the phone while holding an umbrella to protect themselves from non existent rain showers. Out of control.

The jogger slowly edging their way along the outside part of the cycle lane. Insane.

The dog just standing in the cycle lane, side on, obviously. Crazy.

The tiny car with the lights full on screaming towards you and the pulling a fast left turn. Brake, brake, brake. What!

The chaos of a red light at a crossing. Blended.

Scooters, trikes, one wheeled bikes and standy uppy things with two small wheels. Gyroscope!

All of this is made much more interesting with a couple of scoops and the need to get back home before you know you need to pee.

Not quite James Bond.

But you only live twice.

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