There are always lovely things…

… to spend your money on. So many things are designed to entice you, and so much marketing spend is aimed at forcing your deepest desires to want that sh*t.

I could easily blow a shed load of money (if I had it, which I don’t) on all the stuff I want. Trust me, I could blow it all on the things I want and so, so much more.

Believe me, I want stuff just as bad as what you do.

But I don’t splash the cash because I manage to work on suppressing the urge to spend money by looking way ahead to the life I could have. That is my goal. That is my motivation to keep things tight from day to day. I want to have that time freedom. That is my deepest desire—time freedom.

That ‘future life’ is what excites me more than anything. Owning my own time to do the stuff (not own the stuff) that I want is what drives me.

It is interesting because not everyone thinks like this, and I have come to accept that. People are different but the same in many ways, but when it comes to cash… some people are careful, and others are rash. (Did I just make that rhyme there?)

People are rash with their cash (oops, I did it again, Britney) because they most likely have not been given much personal finance training or guidance. (a sweeping statement, but there is information to back that up – just do some research)

Where do you get this necessary financial education from? School? Parents? Do you stumble onto information from friends? Who knows, but what I do know is that the personal finance knowledge out in the world is very mixed. We do need to fix this shortfall, and some great institutions are looking at how to remedy this – although I am a bit dubious when it is fronted by the big Banks! 

However, if it helps people open up and talk about money more and work to keep more of their own money for future events beyond their control, it is a good start. 

However, after all of the above is said and done, the truth is that many people live for and in the moment. Guess what that is all good for me. I believe that everyone should focus and live in the moment, and that is a must. There is nothing as beautiful as the day and the moment you are currently standing knee-deep in.

“Adventure isn’t hanging on a rope off the side of a mountain. Adventure is an attitude that we must apply to the day to day obstacles of life.” 

John Amatt

I do tend to ask the question, why can I not do both? Why can I not save and plan for the future and also live in the moment? You should ask the same question. It is an ‘and-and’. Do both, pay yourself first into your savings account and then what you have left; you should use that to set your daily life wild in the moment.

I believe I am doing that already. I believe that this recipe is the secret to happiness, and it reflects the very essence of the beginning of man.

The very early man lived for the moment he had to. He was always in immediate danger, but because of that, he also had to plan ahead. He intuitively worked out his escape routes and knew instinctively what parts of his body to protect from specific attacks. He planned ahead. He was always thinking about his future and was constantly scanning the world to make sure he had that future of freedom and safety insight.

Our ancestors planned ahead and lived wild for the moment. We should learn from that…

Why do I say this?

Because it is okay to be a neanderthal about everything in life, INCLUDING saving for the unexpected future emergencies while you are gorging on the things you want in the moment.

Be an ape-man. Save for the future.

My opinion on living in China while walking through the famous 798, Art District in Beijing, China.

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