How to master the Monday morning flow…

Many people know one of the things I challenge and question the most is the whole business culture we have built up around Monday mornings.

I honestly do not get it. There is a massive industry built around the information flow that does nothing but disappears into the ether. If someone measured the flow of information and looked for a return of the time invested, they would be shocked by the low rate of return. 

If someone took the idea and stacked it up as a business opportunity and presented it at a Shark Tank session, they would rapidly get shown the door. 

‘Don’t let the doorknob hit your ass on the way out.’

I suggest, wait, I heavily insinuate, that it is a big old waste of time and energy.

The amount of duplication in the information is astounding. People all over the place reporting the same stuff and the same pointless summaries – why do we allow that? 

Possibly because everyone is playing emperors new clothes and no one wants to cry, ‘hey, flabby arse, you are butt naked.’

“that any moment now they will discover you. It holds so many people back. It wastes so much time. As if anyone is thinking about discovering you. No, they’re thinking about themselves!”

Neil Gaiman, to the 2012 graduating class at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Just ask one or two very smart people, and they will give you everything you need to know, don’t bother the rest of us. Let us get on with what we are supposed to be doing instead of farming horse sh*t for you.

Also, the positives are a fraction of the total amount. The negatives are the overwhelming majority on the balance of information. The idea here is that people can ‘fix’ the negatives but take the positives as a done deal. No further explanation about how to milk the positives until the udder bursts. None of that, just critical criticism flowing up and nothing of value dropping back down. 

I have long said that it is driven by fear or the desire to look good, which causes most requests for information. People at the top ask a simple question, and the industry on mind-numbing nonsense kicks in because no one wants to look daft, ill-informed or wants to be exposed for not knowing what the f*ck is going on. A clue, most people have no idea what is going on, and half are making stuff up as they go along. I have no factual data to back that statement up, and I am fecked if I am going to gather the feedback to make it stack up.

Why is it always a Monday? has anyone ever questioned this? 

People are already on a down (figures suggest about over 65%) because they are not fully engaged in their jobs, and they are pissed because they are coming back from a weekend off or that!! So why compound all of that on a Monday just so a couple of people can look good. I will continue to ask this one big question every week until I shuffle off the trundling wheel of industry.

Why all the industry on a Monday? I will never get it. Never!

Someday, some smart as hell person will crack it, but for now, I will continue to work towards financial freedom and the idea of ‘No More Mondays’…

But, until then, I will do what everyone else does to master the Monday morning information flow.

I will comply.

Have a quick two minutes of insight into the food that is available in China.

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