Money is worth it…

I had a great day today. A great day. Money was a tiny part of it because I chose to spend it chasing experiences rather than chasing the owning of a thing or two.

You see, it was my birthday today, and I am five thousand miles away from my direct family, and I could have gone ballistic and bought a ton of stuff and justified it. Because I feel I could, I know it doesn’t make sense, but if you want to justify something, you can always find a way. Being so far away from home could have worked.

But that’s not my focus. Owning things is not my gig. What I am all about is saving as much as possible and getting as many experiences as I can… one service the other if you ask me.

Being sensible with money equals having the money to then spend on experiences. Experiences equate to life for me. That’s what I want to work for. Life!

My experience for today was walking, videos and photography and then a couple of beers over some roast fish. That is heaven. A straightforward day meant that I did the things that I wanted to do, and I was not involved in many birthday celebrations that, maybe, was not for me today. I was not in that mood. I was in a mindset that focused on the future. The future that I keep front of mind and set as my north star.

My north star is all about the saving of money, living a sensibly frugal lifestyle. Splashing the cash as and when I want or need to and focusing on grabbing great experiences as and where I can.
That was what it was all about for me today.
Keeping it simple. Having some fun and banking some more cash for the future that I want. There are more birthday’s to come, and there will be a time and a day for the extravagance.
Not today, though.
I spent a little bit of money today but saved more…
That, in my mind, is a good day, a good type of birthday.
Saving money is worth it.
Money is worth it.
That is a birthday gift to me.
Cheers mate.

Happy Birthday!

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