The politics of ‘likes n Loves’

Are we all doing this, or is it the select few? Tell the truth now!

A picture or a comment drops onto one of our many text message groups, and we pause to think through what our reaction should be. You know the moment well. You ask yourself…

Does the message merit a like or a love?
Does it merit a comment of praise or recognition, and if so, how should it be pitched, so it lands without being too sycophantic? What words should I carefully chose to get it right – funny, serious or a balanced approach?

Do you pause and then think, I will leave it to see how the others react? Or do you fire on your usual thumbs up because that is what you always do? That’s an easy option – no thought or self-awareness in that, though is there?
Is that you?
Or are you in the competition mindset? Waiting to be first at everything, and you see that as a badge of honour. You are the most connected person in the group, and you are the champion in your own game. Congratulations on your success.

Are you a serious player, and you like, love, comment on everything and then drop in your own version of the story to seek a dopamine hit for yourself. You need the attention. You crave it.
If that is you, then you need some serious reflection time. You are just adding flammable liquid to the fire. Stop it.

Or are you more reserved, and you chose to do nothing to interact. You are staying out of it, and the stupid games you watch are something you have no interest in until you are told to get skin in the game? Feedback is a gift, and if you want to be noticed, you must ‘like’ the bosses’ comments. So get busy young man, and snowball into the conversation all the love that you have. Spray that love wildly and let everyone know you are seeking that career move.

Is it the politics of ‘likes n loves’, or is this just an imagined scenario. I am the only one who runs through the gamut of choices to ensure they are not coming across as a complete dick?

I have no idea who is playing the game or not, but it is a lot of pressure to get it right. If this is something you are stressing over then, you know what to do.

Drop me a thumbs up to let me know, or better still…

Spray me with your love.

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