The first thing first…

If you are trying to improve your financial situation, how your body looks by going on a diet, or learning something new, you have to deal with the first thing first.

The ground zero of making any change in your life is, and will always be, the fact that you have to WANT to make the difference. 

You have to really want to make it happen because if you don’t, you will be building your attempt to change on top of a shaky start. The chances are highly probable that you will not follow through…


Because the core ingredient is missing. The WANT!

I always remember my mother saying to another member of her knitting club that “there is a want in that boy” when referring to me.

She was right, of course. I was a restless kid and grow up to be a restless adult. So inquisitive, and I always had the desire to get out and about and see things. The world is enormous, there is a lot to see and do and a shed load of wants to build towards – I had no clue how to move in the general direction on many things. Still, I knew I had the hunger, the desire. The want to see it all.

There are three ingredients to the key to making a real difference in your life: Knowledge, Capability and Desire.

You can improve your knowledge and capability through study, continuous practice and gather insight from the feedback through your failures. Still, if the want isn’t there, then you have the core ingredient missing. Nothing much will change, and you will spend a lot of energy, and nothing will go in the way that it will need to make the deep-rooted change. 

You have no WANT!

Work on your own want by asking yourself questions about what it is that you really want.

Ask it repeatedly until you are clear and if you are still not clear, then ask it again.

Don’t stop until you are clear. Then, once you are clear, work on the skills you need. Build on your wants

Stay clear of your mights because you are being half-assed and working hard on accepting your lack of commitment. Mights are for the other people, not you. You have the WANT!

Go all in. Chase what you truly want!

And be proud of yourself for doing so.

No shame in that.

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