Castles in the sky!

I live and work in China, and I am constantly amazed at the innovation, growth, and development I see happening here.

There is a real connection and drive for the country’s greater good and for all of the people who live here. Understanding the enormity of things like the massive investment in the infrastructure, the focus on education, health, and lifting the population out of poverty is paramount in understanding the psyche in the direction of which the country is operating within.

It is all about striving together and looking after each other in China. I know these statements don’t always fit with many western peoples perception of what they have of China, but I have to tell it like I see it. There is a world of positives happening in China, and the people here seem very happy with their government.

My advice to people these days is that you really need to look beyond the propaganda wars that are fought every day to understand what is happening in the real world. I am sure it is not just China that is doggedly dragged by the western media only for the reality to be somewhat different.

I look at some of the other places depicted in the news where they are shown with riots, uprisings, and tensions. I think to myself… how much of this is accurate, and what is manufactured?
News, fear, wars, rank rotten politicians and their hypocritical nonsense are all good for business if you are a news and media Barron.

I was talking the other day to someone about how I am on a news, propaganda and information diet. I am reducing my intake and being more selective on what I watch, read, or accept. I am beginning to question the sources named in the latest analysis hit piece. Things often don’t add up or have other interests at heart working away behind the story.

The news cycle can be poisonous for your brain and is skewed towards driving some agenda. An agenda that doesn’t always seem to fit with what people need in their life because the news can be one big distraction to mask the truths. The news stories are like the talk from the dodgy street magician, aimed to distract, as the sleight of hand shuffles the cards that will go on to dupe you out of your chump change.

When I talked to a friend from the U.K. last night, and I explained some of the things I see and experience here, I said I can sum it up just by pointing to space.

In the West, we have billionaires trying to outdo each other as they race towards getting a commercial rocket flight into space. They avoid paying the buckets of tax that would support the rest of their countrymen as they pursue their own personal ego-driven goals.
Their countrymen are experiencing an ever-increasing fear of homelessness. They are living with a shortage of food, a large number living off food banks, and they see their infrastructure crumble all around them. Yet, it is the same countrymen that watch the TV in awe and say, wow, that’s amazing, we can all go to space now.

Meanwhile, China has built a space station, space travel and landed a rover on Mars. All done in the name of China. And the people watch and say, wow, that’s amazing, we can all look forward to a day we can all go to space now.

The one big difference is that some people are getting their pockets picked, and I can see who that is because I can look past the magicians rhetoric.

See for yourself.

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