The size of the whole world!!

I remember saying such a phrase as a kid. The size of the whole world, they could destroy the whole world, Superman, well, he could save the whole world no problem… Blah blah blah!

How big is the world?

I am not sure most people truly understand how big the world actually is. I know I did not get the measure on the size of the place until I travelled beyond Europe and beyond English speaking countries.

If you stop to ask the average person to give you their idea of how vast the world is, I am not sure what the answer would be. I am not sure if they would get across the sheer size of the world. Could you if you were asked?

I would be lost for words.

When I share some of my travel experiences with friends and family, they are always taken back by the size of the places that I am fortunate enough to explore. I don’t think the general entertainment we consume helps. I don’t think Hollywood do an excellent job of getting the message across.

I am guessing it is not an easy task to weave into the storyline the vastness of the planet we live on. The Marvel or Star Wars universe, for instance, makes the earth so small and insignificant.

The world is enormous, and I am so glad that I have some great opportunities to see a fraction of it. If I keep on going, travelling and exploring, I will die having barely scratched the surface.

For the living, travelling is a mind opener. It shines light into corners of your imagination and asked you questions about everything that you thought you knew.

My mind is expanded with every new journey and all the new experiences. I am a better man for seeing more of the world, and I am sure my tolerance of others and my acceptance of the greatness and weirdness of humans come from what I have seen.

I hope my children travel far and wide and they can experience the world. They can see people in many shapes and sizes, and that they can appreciate how big the world is.

I hope the world is still in one piece when they do get to look back as I do.

I can only hope

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