What a day!

What a day, is often said as a positioning for a negative experience. Not today, today is different.

On days like this…

This will be a short blog, but it will have pictures. Why so short? 

It is short for the following two reasons.

ONE: Because I have had a long day and I feel exhausted. Walking around Wuhan in such incredible heat can zap your strength and can quickly tire you out. The next time I watch a Hollywood movie or TV series and I see someone walk across a desert carrying one container of water between the four of them – (Mosquito Coast on AppleTV) – I will scream. It is not possible. This kind of heat is deadly. Well, for a wee guy from Glasgow, Scotland, it certainly is.

TWO: And, because Wuhan is so incredibly beautiful, I wanted to share the pictures with you and let you enjoy the moments as much as I did.

Enjoy China, Enjoy Wuhan.

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