How to enjoy travel from your couch.

I was off for two weeks annual leave and organised a great couple of weeks of travel and discovery. I was pumped to be getting outside of Beijing and having the opportunity to explore other parts of China. Parts of China that had dubious connotations for people in the west, but for people in the know. Wuhan, Chengdu, Dalian and Dangdon… are all places with intriguing reasons to visit. They would be inspiring places to go and experience and definitely something for the memory banks.

I got to Wuhan, and then because of the new Covid outbreak, I had to head back to Beijing and spend the rest of my holiday at home. That doesn’t sound as bad as it is in reality because Beijing has so many unique places to visit and explore.

However, the weather was not the best for a couple of days, so I had to stop in at home. But this was where the real fun started. I had a cracking couple of days travelling the globe on my iPad.

Ok, before you call me out for being a sad sack of the proverbial, hear me out.

How to enjoy travelling while stuck on the couch.

I updated my iPad to the new iOS 15 beta software. Screw it, I knew it was a beta version and possibly unstable, but I wanted to update the map app on my iPad. It worked a treat. The new map app update for iOS 15 is excellent.

I turned on the television and surfed my way through all of what I call the learning channels. The Discovery Channel, National Geographic, The History Channel, Food Channel etc.

When I found an exciting program to watch, I went to the location on the iPad being discussed on the TV and followed along. 

I explored food across various parts of Africa, lost cities in the thick forest of Columbia, hidden Knights Templar strongholds in Tripoli from years gone past and where to catch the best fish in the North Atlantic Ocean. 

This was a new way of enjoying television and travel at the same time. When I got bored, I would flick channels and grab a different experience. I would also head over to a city of my own choice. There, I experienced a neighbourhood walkthrough, a city flyover or an unbelievable all-immersive augmented reality stroll around my living-room-come New York City.

I had the time of my life and learned about a heap load of new places to put on my bucket list. 

Oh, and by the way, you can create a bucket list on the maps app. In fact, I recommend you make two lists. One list for getting there in person and one list for a virtual visit because you never know when the wanderlust grabs you and you want to whisk yourself away.

Even if it is only in mind rather than in the body.

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