A list of 50 things I have learned as a full-time content creator for a week.

Like the 100 meter sprinter who wins the gold medal, he didn’t win it on the nine seconds he took to run the race. He won it in all the ten and twelve seconds races he completed on the training ground.

Watch and learn…

perience. I am happy to get burrowing down a rabbit hole of information. Conscious of staying on message, I work backwards if I am off the learning track.

The trauma of it all…

My legs and body feel ok. They are getting looser, but it is my head. My head isn’t in the game. A couple of minutes into it, I check the Apple Watch to see how much longer I have to go.

To batch or not to batch, that is the question.

The problem I am having is how to manage the beast now that I have electrified life into the very veins of its being. It is getting out of control, and although it is seeking that affection, it has a vast curiosity, a lust to learn new things. If I am not careful, it will be the end of me.

Feedback or nastiness?

My response to this comment was simple. It was well thought out, and it didn’t take me long to work out what it was to be. I felt empathy for the person that wrote the comment.

My 5 points of advice after 6 months of making Youtube videos.

you are really into learning how to YouTube, then create for you. Worry about the audience later, work up the quality you want to achieve, the number of videos and gather your learning. Once you get some idea of what you are doing, look back. Join the dots, and the future will become more straightforward for your channel.

What a day!

I took time out today to have an inspirational day exploring Wuhan in China, August 2021 – please enjoy.

The size of the whole world!!

I remember saying such a phrase as a kid. The size of the whole world, they could destroy the whole world, Superman, well, he could save the whole world no problem…

Without the Apps!!

Isn’t it incredible what we have at our fingertips. We can ask our phone anything (don’t ask Siri, it’s never the best at answering), and boom, back comes an answer, and interpretation or a place on the map that you are either at or heading towards.

Wuhan August 2021

This is my first time in Wuhan, China and my first time using the story telling part of WordPress!