Without the Apps!!

I have just travelled from Beijing to Wuhan, which is about a 1,200 Km journey. Throughout the trip, I had apps that informed me of my position, kept me company, helped me remain entertained and allowed me to communicate to locals using the language that only they knew.

Isn’t it incredible what we have at our fingertips. We can ask our phone anything (don’t ask Siri, it’s never the best at answering), and boom, back comes an answer, and interpretation or a place on the map that you are either at or heading towards.

On the journey to Wuhan, I was even editing a video with multiple layers and all the professional features I would need, all on my iPhone. Almost in real-time. I would shoot, edit and build out the transitions and titles as I went, and the results are not a kick in the ass off what I would do on my MacBook. I did it all on my phone, just incredible.

I will share the link to the youtube video once I publish it.

I forgot where I was going with this because I was so blown away by the flexibility of the phone – once again.

So where was I going with this? Well, the hotel I am staying in at Wuhan got me a thinking.

Thinking about what? I hear you ask.

Well, my friend, I am staying in the Marco Polo hotel in Wuhan, and that got me a thinking about travellers from the past. I mean, here I am, flaffing around China, gripping my phone for dear life and hoping nothing happens to it and these guys, these travellers from days long gone… had feck all.

I know they had maps and helpers and stuff, but on the whole, they didn’t have much. But they went for it, all in, death or glory, so to speak. Incredible when you stop to think about it now.

What possessed them to do what they did back then? I get it, possibly a significant financial incentive, but there are easier ways to make a living.

These early adventurers must have been a little bit crazy. When you think of all of them, throughout history, that have gone to the frontiers, the ones that really pushed it, they must have been just a can short of a six-pack.

But what a life to lead. One of curiosity, risk, adventure and delight. It’s all so beautiful.

The music in my ears.

I am guessing they didn’t have M-People singing itchycoo Park in their ear as they were taken aback by some of the beautiful things that they saw back then.

But then, to really bring it back up to the present day, they wouldn’t have had M-people banging on in their ear for sure, but they also would not have been looking at the skyline in Wuhan and thinking – feck me, that is incredible.

Different times take different adventurers and these days just getting out and about beyond your horizons is good enough. Lifting your eyes off the iphone long enough is a hell of a journey for many. I am looking up and I am aking in the new and the different. Seeing how far things have come I can only comment on it in one way…

We humans are incredible.

The things we design and make, from the old days to the new. The great wall of China to an iPhone and the apps that sit within the phone. All history in the making.

Looking back, I am also guessing they didn’t have apps for directions and stuff. But I bet the service waiter they got could pour a beer…

…unlike the waiter in the Marco Polo hotel – he needs some practice, but guess what. There is an app for that.

With some work with the beersmiths app, this guy could make a great barman, but then, where is the fun in that!!

Some things can do without the app treatment, it is much more inspirational to be forever curious. Someone has to be out front fecking it up for the next guys and passing it all back by word of mouth .

It is just the evolution of life, who is complaining?

I am sure Marco didn’t complain. I don’t either.

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