So much to learn, but what to ask for help?

So much to learn, but what to ask for help?

As you may or may not know… I have been trying to learn a couple of new skills.

Video editing, content creation and improved writing skills.

This learning new stuff is not easy, and sometimes I feel that there is so much to learn that it is like climbing the north face of Everest. Is that a thing?

However, what is the best way to eat an elephant or climb Everest – piece by piece, step by step.

So today, I completed an assessment of what I had managed to learn so far and realise that the one bit of the elephant that I have not yet attempted to eat is how to deal with audio.

Specifically, audio recording for YouTube and how to edit the audio within the video to get the best impact for the storyline.

At this time in my learning journey, I can no longer duck it anymore.

I have been avoiding the complexity of the Audio thing because I don’t understand the slightest bit of audio recording and editing.

So what to do….?

Well, I asked the internet, and that world of wisdom always helps me find a way to learn.

This is the one piece of advice I give to the team of people I work with while doing the day job. I am often asked questions unrelated to work stuff, and I always say the same thing.

I can give you my opinion, advice or guidance but my view on what you ask me is entirely that. My view, my single perspective. It has been gathered and refined over years of trial and error and with careful reflection… but what the heck does that count for when you can ask the whole world for their help.

Ask the internet your question.

I will be forever surprised when people never think to ask the internet the questions they have on their minds.

The internet is my first stop for any discovery. If you know how to use it well enough, then you will find a world of reasonably accurate information. Just make sure you cross-check the information and verify some of the background to the producers of the said info…

If you go down a rabbit hole of what looks like questionable information, then say hello to a world of crazy and stop what you are doing. Immediately.

And then climb the feck straight back out again.

There is nothing good in there.

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