You do know values are transparent…

You do know values are transparent…

There is a pandemic out there, folks. It will get to you whether you like it or not. It will either be you or your neighbours, friends or your place of work that will do it to you. Kick you, or you will be the shoe on the other foot and do the kicking.

But. It. Will. Get. You.

You can try and block its path by masking up, but it won’t work. It is transferable in a whole new different way.

It is encroaching on every aspect of our lives. This pandemic is killing people, and it is spreading fast. More and more of us are displaying the traits of this highly contagious virus. It is even more noticeable within the company we keep. It is also evident in the company’s we work for, and it is growing. Increasing. Progressing.


It is eating away at the fabric of our societies. Biting into our teamwork and gnawing at our hierarchies. Eroding our establishments. It will be our downfall. Like Rome, this empire will collapse, and the apple cart will get tipped. We will all get bruised in this alignment process. 

I used to pray for a revolution. This pandemic, isn’t it. This pandemic is the opposite. This is cannibalism. This is not the French Revolution. This is the opposite. We are dining out on each other and losing sight of our values in the process.

You see, it is to do with your VALUES. You know, these things that you claim to hold dear to you. The very things that make you, you. The stuff you swear is shaped by your belief in the almighty. The values you snake to the company foyer and claim to be the very bedrock that you build the organisation upon. Yeah, that stuff. 

The. Values.

Individual, family and company values are all under attack because you are not holding yourself to the values you spout out about. You are a traitor to that cause.

Mate, I have to give you the feedback. Bro, sister… you got to listen to me here.

…You are saying one thing and doing the other. God, Jesus and the holy f*cking Ghost did not tell you to kill, hate and blame. They told you the opposite. They preach love and acceptance.

Hey big bosses, you can scream about the environment and your fairness values, but when you clearly burn sh*t into the air and talk sh*t to your employees, that says it all.

You do know that your values are transparent. We can see through them when you don’t hold up to your side of the contract. If you are not careful you might spark the take up of the wrong tools. 

Pitchforks at dusk instead of cash registers at dawn.

But. You know what.

Most people are good at the core. 

They will find a cure for the pandemic of the lack of connection between values and actions.

I so believe in people. People are amazing. I love the spirit of people.

I believe in the power of people. I believe that when they come together to work for the greater good, they will change the world. 

I know that that’s an odd statement, but screw it, I stand by it and ask you one thing…

How do you like em apples?

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