Are you running to stand still?

Are you running to stand still?

Some days it is a full-on sprint. A panting, tongue out, sweaty mess of a sprint that leaves your heart pounding within your chest like it’s Friday night fight night at Madison Square Garden.

You are all in on the job, all in on life, and you are getting nowhere fast. You are running to stand still, and it is not such a good feeling, is it?

Exhausted while on your feet, but you are still running. Why?

Too much to do, not enough time. Lists of stuff. More coming. A mountain to climb, and you can not see the summit. But you have to keep going. You have to achieve, get it done. It’s what they expect. Must do because it is what we are meant to be doing. What we are paid for. Get it done. It is expected, and we are being demanded to complete it, and onto the next task and…

Wait. What?

Stop and let it go by. 


What is worth killing yourself over? 

Look around you at the race you are running. Is it worth it? 


Are you in the right race?

Are you sure?

What if…

You only get a specific, predetermined number of heartbeats for your whole life. The number is decided and allocated by the powers that be when you are born. 

That’s it. That is all you get – that’s your allocated number of heartbeats. Would you still be in that race of madness, running at that pace?

Would it help if you knew the exact number? Does that matter?

Has this thought made you slow down and think?


I am glad that you have taken the time. Even if it is just a heartbeat or fifty…

‘Science has discovered that almost all mammals, with the exception of humans, have about the same number of heartbeats in their lifetime, approximately 1 million.

However, humans are outliers in that we get over 2 billion beats. According to Nova (source below), the human heart beats about 100,000 times in one day and about 35 million times in a year. During an average lifetime, the human heart will beat more than 2.5 billion times.’

Science Technology Savvy Life Strategies

Louis Del Monte – Science Questions & Answers.

Your energy, your heartbeats, are finite, so invest them carefully.

Life, work and play will throw you sprints and marathons as you go but pick and chose your pace wisely. You will demonstrate your maturity when you run the right race and focus on what really matters. Spend your energy on what will get you closer to your goals and what will actually propel you forward.

Sometimes in life, work and play, it’s not about running faster. It is about changing your perspective and recalibrating your productivity. Your pace.

It is about slowing your heartbeat and taking a more measured approach.

Quality over quantity.

Life over death.

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