A documentary for a dream.

A documentary for a dream.

You have to have a dream.

‘Happy talk, keep talkin’ happy talk,

Talk about things you’d like to do.

You got to have a dream,

If you don’t have a dream,

How you gonna have a dream come true?’

So many songs and musicals sing merrily about having a dream. 

What is yours?

I wonder to myself what percentage of people would say I would love to be rich and retire?

It’s a great dream, and it is one of mine.

But I have a new dream developing, and it has captured my imagination. It’s floating up to the top of my thoughts as I continue to explore the world of creativity. I am not sure how long it will hang around, and I am not clear how long it has been swishing around the thoughts in my head. But it has been there for longer than I care to admit.

I would love to make a documentary.

There, I said it allowed. Now it becomes an absolute dream.

I have no idea how to make a documentary or what it entails, but it would be a dream to be able to create one. 

The subject would be a study on worldwide homelessness – feck me, that dream got more significant in a flash flood of thought. Comparing homelessness from the slums to the golden paved streets of the western capital cities and asking why?

Where is Ken Burns when you need him?

This is a massive dream, and I think I will start off small. I mean, I know I will start off small. A journey to a dream always starts off small, and then things evolve. Maybe things come true, and perhaps they don’t. That is the fun of having dreams.

The reality of my newfound vision is up there with the dynamics of working to be rich and retire early. To be rich, you have to start small. Save a penny here and a pound there and put what you have into action so that it can work for you. With some effort, you can build a decent amount of cash reserves, and it can help you stretch towards your dream of early retirement – you never know, you just don’t.

To make a documentary, at the moment, it is a make a social media video short here and a longer YouTube video there. I am starting off small.

My dreams are likely pie in the sky, but you have to have a dream because how would they come true if you didn’t.

I know my dream is possible but likely improbable.

But never say never.

‘If you don’t talk happy,

And you never have dream,

Then you’ll never have a dream come true!’

Happy Talk – South Pacific.

You must have a dream to stand a chance for it to come true.

Dream away and dream big!!

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