The older you get the more you get to know time.

The older you get, the more you realise how vital time actually is.

I am looking back over the years, and I realise how much time I have wasted on the pointless and the mundane. The stupid stuff that I have stressed about, the things that never came to light but I worried over. The things, imaginable and real that were just… nothing much. The opinions of others and the political viewpoints that I was peeing against the wind with when trying to sway. All energy gone with not much in return other than maybe some extracted wisdom in this mornings reflections.

This is what is great about running an electronic journal or popping in and out of Facebook these days. It throws back reflections, memories, and the odd complaint or moans you were hanging onto back in the day. A classic example played out this very morning. I have just seen a previous post pop up on my Facebook memories. I was highlighting my frustration with out-of-date bus-stop timetables to anyone who would listen to me eight years ago. What a knob!

The older I get, the more I realise how important time is and how wasting time and energy on things that do not mean much is wasted energy in the grand scheme of things. The average adult has about 4,000 weeks on this beautiful planet of ours, and getting caught up on things that do not matter that much is not wise.

Think of that Facebook post. I posted onto Facebook from my computer eight years ago. I did not have my computer with me when I was at the bus stop. This means the issue with the bus-stop timetable was carried as a frustration inside my head throughout the day. The thought probably burned a little as I went about my business. I may have even shared it with others, and it sat there like a monkey on my back until I got to my home that night and dumped it onto my Facebook. Changing the world as a keyboard warrior. NOT.

That is a lot of wasted energy. Even now, I waste a lot of energy.

I work with someone who is very smart, and they often say to me that I waste too much energy and should relax and enjoy the view more. She is correct. I should.

We should enjoy the view more and with that I mean talk less and listen more. Watch more and learn more.

‘Enjoy the view’ has become my new go-to mind-sentence to reset my balance and help me shut my mouth and refrain from talking so that I can listen more.

That stillness takes less energy and enables me to enjoy the view more…

and appreciate the TIME more.

‘Life is short, and death is the great equalizer. Do everything you want to do while you can. There’s no time for anything else.’

Ryan Holiday

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