It is as simple as cut ‘n’ paste!!

It is a simple cut and paste…

cut and paste. cut and paste. cut and paste. cut and paste.

I, with my handful of warmly welcome followers, can get a bit confused (read a ‘tad annoyed’ here) by the other writers who have a shipping crate full of readers but never stop their moaning and complaining about this writing forum and that medium…

I mean, mate, you have said many times now that you will no longer write on Medium because it has changed, and you are heading off into the sunset to write in Substack or whatever.

Who are you kidding here? Are you pulling my leg, or are you pulling your own?

I don’t get it. I was hoping you could help me understand because your recent post on this topic does not make that much sense.

I will explain why…

‘CUT and PASTE’ or even simplified further… ‘AND.’

You are clearly an intelligent wee man. So this can not be that difficult, and it looks like you are earning a tidy sum for your troubles when engaging with your audience on Medium. 

Do both. Write on both, or even write on more of the many available content websites and here is my secret, a top tip… just for you…

Use a little known trick called, Cut and Paste. It is a cool new feature. (apple keynote/advert voice here… also, sarcasm is never the best humour, but I feel like that today. Blow me)

There sorted it. You are now free to write once and paste across many sites, and in doing so, you can pick up your many pennies.

Don’t thank me. It’s ok. I bow to your skills on so many fronts. In essence, you are my hero with your twenty-eight thousand readers. Honestly, you are truly impressive, and you have been working hard in this game for a very long time. So no, please mate, don’t thank me. No, ok, but only because you are pushy.

If you insist, then send me some of your readers to add to my forty-two. That will be thanks enough. Please. 

Just a humorous thought.


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