Make a Lockdown list..

We were in a state of lockdown for just under two weeks in Beijing and the whole ‘getting back to normal’ has lasted from the 14th of February to now, half way through April.

It has been an unprecedented life experience and I know in other parts of the world the experience will be for a longer period of time and a whole lot more uncomfortable and upsetting. My heart is there with many.

We will get through it and at some point you will be able to move around freely and go where you want to go within reason. This is something not to rush back into but it is certainly something you may want to think about now.

The question to reflect upon is…

‘What do you always wish you had taken the time to see, that is close by where you currently live, but have never had the time?’

I live in Beijing and there was so much to add onto my list, in part because it is such a big city, 23 Million people, and it stretches over a vast ground space with so many interesting things to see and also because it is ever changing and evolving as a large metropolis tends to do.

I had already been through the local tourist list of things to do and see way before the lockdown period and I have seen so much and always so happy and glad to have had experienced them, but I wanted to take the opportunity to look at something different.

During my lockdown period I curated my list of things I wanted to see next and this was the key to approaching it with a different mindset. Reflecting on places I had already seen or places that I might go see with someone else – someone who would visit Beijing, a friend or a business partner, I listed many things and reduced it and played about with it and came up with new places I wanted to go see. Things a little more off the beaten track, unusual or fresh in my new found perspective.

One of the things on the list was the architect, Zaha Hadid’s, Soho building in Beijing and yesterday I took the time out to go visit this beautiful building and I was not disappointed.

Zaha Hadid has completed her second major project for Chinese developer Soho China – a trio of curved towers designed to look like giant pebbles

I loved the sweeping design, prominent against a beautiful blue sky and there was so much to marvel at even though there was still some restrictions in place and some of the internal shops and restaurants were closed.

Soho Wangjing Towers, Beijing
Soho Wangjing Towers, Beijing

The point is, I don’t think I would have taken the time out to visit this if I had subsequently not taken the time out to reflect and curate what my activities would be after the lockdown.

So I recommend.

Take the time to think about what you want to explore and what you might want to do before you loose the insight and motivation to do so and the inclination to think differently about it.

Do it before the normal swallows you up again.

It’s well worth it.

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