Bring some intellect to the brain fight.

Bring some intellect to the brain fight.

I have come to realise that you can not argue with stupid.

It is a waste of energy to even attempt to debate because so often, people are so entrenched in their ideologies that they are incapable of looking at something from another person’s perspective.

On many occasions, I have heard it said that a population should put all their growing youth through some conscripted military service. The argument is that it will help them realise what that type of life is like and be more thoughtful about what it means when there is a risk of war. This ‘training’ will also help them get discipline, respect and a heap of other stuff that is supposedly good for them.

The further addition to this that I read on social media during the holiday season is that the population should all be made to do customer-facing service jobs. The idea behind this movement is that people might be a lot more respectful to the individual trying to serve or support them or is helping them in their pursuit of consumption. I think this will either cut down on the frustrations or add to it as the complainers of the world will be servicing with the attitude and roll on extreme confrontation. It would be like a UFC cage fight down at the local supermarket when someone complained about the short-dated milk. Come to think about it, what would change… that is the current reality. 

Violence over nothing.

My personal addition to this way of teaching people by forcing them into a learning moment would be to have the population study political and financial facts for a year. This draconian punishment is necessary to help the population who are responsible for things like voting and important stuff like that to be adequately informed about the truth…

But then, and this is the rub, who’s facts, who’s truths would they study?

And, now that I think about it, isn’t that what school is supposed to be about?

I can only deduce from my recent experiences that school is failing people, or better still, the power of propaganda and unchecked media outlets are failing people.

Pointing to a Facebook story with no credible source is not a proper debate strategy… just because it is on Facebook and people have liked it doesn’t make it remotely accurate or factual.

‘You want proof, here is the evidence… ‘XXXX linked to XXXX.’

When I read the link and dig deeper, I hold my head in despair. The link is to the online equivalent of the trashy magazines at the local supermarket. 

This is not the truth. This is made up of dumb material, a narrative designed for you to get lost within, so you keep clicking in a never-ending loop of fruitcake. Believe me, you will not get your organs harvested if you visit China because you are a white American. Your precious organs are not in high demand. I mean, have you looked at the average American… There is, indeed, the evidence to debunk your story right there in front of your eyes. 

People believe the craziest of things. I wonder at the world and wonder at myself and ask, am I missing something. Is there any ‘real’ in this nonsense – my reply, nope!! 

This is why I give up on holding any deep discussions with stupid, because they believe in their own truths. The people who are awaiting the return of the JFK because he had staged his own death, the ones that think the election was stolen or the flat earthers, who are adamant the earth is flat… and call on everyone around the ‘globe’ to accept this – these people have their own ‘truths’.

If they were not so dangerous, I would just laugh.

But I am not smiling anymore.

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