Stop talking, start doing!

I have started doing more and stopped learning and talking so much.

I still learn, I will always be learning because that is just what I do. I prefer to spend my time learning something than, say, watching a Netflix binge or a PlayStation frenzy of an evening.

I still watch TV and play the odd game, I just balance it so that it is on my terms and less corrosive on my time.

When I am watching TV or that anyway, I always feel like I should be doing something more productive and never truly settle. Getting a better balance now, has meant that I enjoy things more and don’t feel so guilty.

I have also taken my learning more mobile and more hands on and I have committed to just doing things. Getting things done and learning in the process.

Habits, process and discipline is the recipe.

I am building habits around achieving something and I am not allowing myself to be too arsed about the feedback, the critics or the ‘insights’ from others with opinions, this is my framing now. Anyone can be a critic and below their surface it is quite typically their own fear that drives their opinions.

We all know that fear. That ‘fear’ would sometimes cripple me and I would not be able to take action.

I care a whole lot less now about what people think because most I know now that people talk and talk and guess what, they don’t take action. They have the theory down though!!

I have to consciously deal with the ‘fear’ but I recognise it now and talk myself out of the procrastination.

I fear it but take action anyway. I push the fear of failure away.

The difference in my framing now is ‘always action’. This phrase is now in my mind constantly. What can I be doing, what action, what can I make happen or what is it I need to do. Always think action.

Do something, just start. Doing something is better than doing nothing… a small start is still a start and could very well be the spark you need.

I have met so many people who have had the same desire to change and have had the passion and energy for development books, financial books, blogs, podcast and courses that I have, but they are stuck. They reflect the lack of action. I know this as I recognise it, I have seen it stare back from me in the bathroom mirror.

It is always a constant battle, that I don’t deny, but I encourage people to rise to the fight.

Many people I know, understand the same as me, they had the same plans around savings and retirement, personal growth or in getting that role they wanted, but they just didn’t land the actions even though they knew the benefits.

I was also the same at many times throughout my life, starting and stopping, looking for inspiration, looking for the reason for my ‘Why’! My mystical why?… now, it’s why not?

Indifference is what I can see in many people. I have been planning and implementing what I have been seeing and reading. I have been building the narrative in my head about re-tooling as the world is going to move quickly by me if I don’t.

Others just shrug their shoulders and say things like, ‘it will all work out in the end up’. Too risky for me. I don’t have half of it right, but at least I’m not being complacent. I am too long in the tooth to be waiting with the trust in the universe just working it out for me.

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing”

Walt Disney

I am at that age now where if I don’t tool-up then I will end up missing out on the many possibilities that will be available and I might also missing out on a whole lot of the fun that could be had.

I have to confess here, I have a life plan. I always had one and it would guide me and drive me towards some sort of direction. On many occasions it would steer me in the wrong direction, but at least I had a plan.

The plan always helped me to recognise when to course correct because I was off on the direction or the actual plan was off on what I wanted to achieve. But I am good with that, the adjustment, because why wouldn’t you adjust… if it was a business plan, you would adjust.

If you were not meeting your quarterly financial performance you would adjust, if your competition got fierce, you would adjust… if your suppliers went belly up, you would adjust. Adjusting is ok, just keep doing.

Keep getting things done and keep going, you will work it out as and when you need to adjust. Don’t overthink it.

Just keep doing things, get things done. Achieve.

It is much more satisfying and ignoring the critics is a big part of that satisfaction.

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