My son, Tom Cruise.

My Son’s adventures some times make me shirk, sometimes they shock and sometimes they just make me laugh out loud. I am always glad that he does feel comfortable to share them with me, for the most part.!

He is like any other 17 year old. Useful, inventive, curious and during this lockdown he, like the others his age, are running out of things to do. This is definitely an odd time for everyone to be living through no matter the age group or the social group. It is very different to my youth, that is a fact.

So I text him and FaceTime him frequently during the day to see how he is doing and recently he has been getting more and more fed-up with the lockdown situation.

There is a limit to some people’s gaming or Netflix binging. Apparently.

With further lockdowns in the U.K. and after all the Christmas gifting and consumption and the residue from them building up, I guess my son got busy. Boredom can be useful sometimes.

He text me back this reply when I asked him what he was going to do today and asked him how he was?

‘I’m okay just a bit fed up and bored. Been doing a lot of tidying. I got a funny story actually. The bins recently have not been getting taken away when they are supposed to because of covid.

So the bins are filled to the brim and there’s mountains of rubble in the house. If I put it out the animals will raid it. However, quickly I masterminded a plan to solve this catastrophic disaster. I took all the rubbish in black bin bags and marched all the way to the primary school.

On the way their I was stopped by someone in a car. “what you doing with the rubbish”. He said.

Using my quick thinking I said back that I was homeless and that these were all my belongings. I kid you not he just said ‘okay’ and drove off

I thought he was going to offer me a cup of tea or ask for my life story. Did he not wonder exactly how a 17 year old ended up homeless in the first place? Did he care?

Anyway, I continued on my journey and reached the primary school. At this point I’m beginning to get scared even though all I’m doing is using their bins. I started sneaking about avoiding lights and sticking to the shadows like I’m Tom cruise.

I put the stuff in the bin and just sprinted out the primary school and all the way home humming the mission impossible theme tune’

Then guess what?

20 minutes later the bin men came to collect the bins😂

I can just imagine him doing this paranoid walk as he commuted the crime of the century.

As for the life lesson in this, I am guessing that life is all about the timing, although what was the adult in the car thinking?

Some people just don’t care that much. Maybe they didn’t get the answer they wanted… or maybe it was a lockdown question lined up for an aggressive rebuttal, but you can’t lockdown if your homeless. Checkmate. Jog on. (Drive on)

There is a lesson in there, somewhere.

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