Humans confuse me…

Have you seen Wonder Woman 84?

I went to see it and it was bearable. There is a central message that I liked, but it is a movie that was a bit of a car crash and reminded me of the old Batman movies of the pre Nolan era. Cartoonish and all a bit too twee.

After saying I had went to see the movie a colleague asked me what I thought. I am not big on giving movie reviews because everyone always have an opinion. But I did say something like I said above… blah blah blah, a bit twee.

They had the exact opposite experience to me. They loved the movie, raved about it and highlighted their view and the best points of the movie. Who am I to disagree. That is their version of what they watched at that time.

This got me thinking. Did I miss something? Why did I have such a different experience? Can watching and enjoying a movie be affected by how you are feeling when you go to the movie theatre? affected by the company you are with?, your previous experiences of the storyline, the actors or even the director?

Can you childhood affect how you perceive the movie? Do your biases and your likes have an impact?

The answer to that is, of course they can. They must have an impact. All of the above and so much more must encroach somewhere. Why else is there so many opinions and viewpoints… which I always do try and enjoy because it is good to get a different perspective – even when they do not agree with your own. It keeps you grounded. Apparently!

I think the whole of the last year has seen that experience for many. Politics anyone? nah, thought not!.

So with all of the above in mind, I stumbled onto a quote about something called Sturgeon’s Law that I though was interesting. (Again the central theme of the quote can be called into question because who decides what is crap?)

‘Sturgeon’s law states that 90% of everything is crap. If you dislike poetry, or fine art, or anything, it’s possible you’ve only ever seen the crap. Go looking!’

Cool idea – and this has got me looking for what is ‘great and why’ in many aspects of the content that I consume.

My father would also say, ‘Have a well thought out opinion if you are going to have an opinion son’.

I miss my father. Such a smart man and a great mentor.

Now, the Sturgeon’s Law was a great insight, but then someone mentioned the Nelson Mandela syndrome to me and asked me if I knew what it was?

I had not heard of it. So he introduced it to me.

Nelson Mandela syndrome. Also known as the Mandela Effect.

‘What Is the Mandela Effect? – When masses of people believe an event occurred when it didn’t’

Yes. That is a real thing.


As I said, Humans confuse me, but I will always try to understand them!

Even when I don’t agree with them…

…and want to scream WTF at the top of my voice.

I will always try and show maturity and seek to understand…

When I have some spare time, but then, I like to keep busy as there are always great movies to go and see.

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