Work towards your ideal lifestyle!

I am focused on retiring early, but not really retiring as such. Not feet up, do nothing retirement in the traditional sense. That would see me take an early journey six foot into the ground.

My attention isn’t on the pot of money I need to retire with, it is much more focused on what I want to be doing when I get to that stage in my life… whenever that will be. (As early as possible if I can help it)

So, in an ‘arse about tit’ kind of way… it’s not retirement, I am focused on obtaining my ideal lifestyle. Which is how I frame it, I don’t frame it as retirement.

That for me is a much easier goal to fix in my mind and to use that imagery to keep driving me forward with my plans.

The F.I.R.E movement is tagged as ‘Financial Independence Retire Early’… I think I am more in the F.I.E.F movement; ‘Financial Independence Early Freedom’ – feels much better for me.!!

Seriously though, it matters not a not how you want to tag it, what matters is how you see it in your minds eye.

A retirement pot of money might look good for a moment when you envision it but it’s a bit unsexy, unless maybe if you are Scrooge McDuck…

Stick your lifestyle vision in your head and focus on that. If your vision is feet-up and binging on Netflix then do it, if it’s golf courses and sunshine, travel and nature, looking after the grandkids… whatever it is – fix it in your nogging and go for it.

This stellar advice is not coming to you on here with any age restrictions, this advice is for all age groups because the quicker you get started on your ‘F.i.E.F’ project the faster you will be living that lifestyle.

Take the time to draw out a full picture of what that ideal lifestyle is for you, put aside real quality time and write out that dream in as much detail as you can.

Visualise it, lock it into your mind, and now turn it into a simple physical thing, a postcard from a far away place, a picture of grandkids, a seashell, golf trophy…. whatever works for you.

Place that physical thing in an everyday location so you will forever see it.

Treasure that thing!!

Use that future lifestyle image that you may now have in your mind and in physical form to inspire you into taking action now, it is never too late to frame it and start to put your money away for that new ideal life.

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”

Robert Louis Stevenson

Invest that time now so you know how to invest that time later.

Sanya, South China

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