The Power of 30 Seconds!

Shock. Horror. I received a couple of copyright infractions placed on one of my YouTube videos. I actually got a fright at first because I didn’t know what that meant.

I can be such a wuss when it comes to breaking the law or breaching someone else’s work produced by their sweat and toil. It is a principle thing.

I had mistakenly thought that I could use a small music clip from a pop song to add to my YouTube video storyline. I believed that it was acceptable to use under thirty seconds, and there would be no infringement. I am good with the copyright thing now because I understand it better since I investigated it further.

It was a pain in the ar*e to take down the video, produce another one without the music and then repost. Still, I am good with that because I respect the copyright laws. Plus, youtube can kick your ass if you don’t, so I wasn’t messing around with them on that.

But, under thirty seconds (it was actually 18 seconds) is not a lot of time, but yet it is. You can actually do a lot in thirty seconds when It comes to editing. You can make a significant impact on your story or make a big plotline faux pas.

That is what I don’t get when it comes to enforcing this copyright infringement. I used the music tracks to big up a point, and the section of music that I used was a catchy part of the artist’s chorus. Anyone hearing it would probably say, oh, I love that song, search for it to try and remember the name and then buy it or stream it. The artists are quids in, what’s to lose, a win-win. That’s how it works. We have all done that searching thing on the back of a beat clip heard somewhere. In fact, probably twenty percent of my music library is built out because of doing that.

Thirty seconds can make a meaningful impact when it comes to music. It can get inside the head, and that thirty seconds can stick with you for days. The reality, though, is that I am not going to listen to that thirty seconds over and over again. If I connect with the sound I hear. I will investigate and make a purchase.

This is how the advertising agency works.

Anyway, lesson learned on copyright, and from now on, I will use only free music and tell my story in another way. Seems a decent thing the whole fair use thing, but it takes too much effort to navigate. More progressive artists might benefit from it with the collective upside of sharing titbits of their music. But how to know who is in and who is out?

The whole episode did make me reflect on the power of thirty seconds in real life. You can do so much in thirty seconds. From delivering an impactful first impression to p*ssing someone off with a quick quip or throw away statement.

Thirty seconds is a powerful passage of time and intelligent people will know how to use it.

Others, well, your loss.

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