Two ears one mouth!!

Some days I just want to listen.

What you miss when you don’t do your research.

But yet, I don’t always take the time to do the groundwork to maximise the experience. The reason I don’t is purely nonsensical. My excuse concerning not having the time or my claim that it is a waste of energy because I like to discover things when I arrive is dumb.

What I miss is not what you think!

Group work could take on a whole new meaning. Strip people of their electronic devices, issue them with marker pens and lock them in for a short period of time after priming their minds with some pre-work and bingo – people could work up ideas that would change their world.

How much I earned in my first month writing for Medium.

I got over myself and stopped worrying, and just focused on keeping going. The small wins would be enough to pick me up. People liking with a thumbs up or passing a positive comment meant a lot. If you were one of the encouragers that did that, thank you. It helped immensely.

How I manage my struggle with Time Anxiety!

I have not had a time-related self discussion for such a long time However, yesterday, after losing productivity to sickness, my inner voice was screaming. It was hollering like a Trump supporter at a January 6th riot.

WordPress you have served your purpose…

To me, WordPress feels like I shouting across the ocean, my voice disappearing with the sound of the waves crashing on the beach. With Medium, it feels more like shouting across a busy Scottish Loch. Other nature lovers who are also rambling and enjoying the outdoors hear my voice and echo back an opinion

Why do some conversations inspire me and others don’t?

When I took the time to reflect on the conversation, I listed out what I could identify as the reasons I was not enjoying our conversation. Before I dig into the detail, I do take part-ownership of the conversation. I accept my part and that I may not have been a good receiver of information

Are you working in a vacuum?

I wandered around some streets today, headed to a swimming pool, had a swim, and had an afternoon to reflect, and then I popped out for some simple street food.

Watch and learn…

perience. I am happy to get burrowing down a rabbit hole of information. Conscious of staying on message, I work backwards if I am off the learning track.

The trauma of it all…

My legs and body feel ok. They are getting looser, but it is my head. My head isn’t in the game. A couple of minutes into it, I check the Apple Watch to see how much longer I have to go.

Feedback or nastiness?

My response to this comment was simple. It was well thought out, and it didn’t take me long to work out what it was to be. I felt empathy for the person that wrote the comment.

My 5 points of advice after 6 months of making Youtube videos.

you are really into learning how to YouTube, then create for you. Worry about the audience later, work up the quality you want to achieve, the number of videos and gather your learning. Once you get some idea of what you are doing, look back. Join the dots, and the future will become more straightforward for your channel.

Without the Apps!!

Isn’t it incredible what we have at our fingertips. We can ask our phone anything (don’t ask Siri, it’s never the best at answering), and boom, back comes an answer, and interpretation or a place on the map that you are either at or heading towards.