Invest in yourself by doing this…

Son, thank you for the conversation. Being in a distant family is never easy. Being apart so long has been tough on you. But moments of great discussions over the beautiful world of the internet are what makes everything manageable.

I love what you read and what you share. You inspire me to stay curious and keep alive in spirit and in the breath.

Stop comparing yourself to others. You do not know the whole story of anyone but yourself, so stick with that. As President Roosevelt said, ‘comparison is the thief of joy.’ Stay focused on your purpose in life and compete with yourself from the day before. Stop overthinking the others; they live a half-life on show and what is hidden is to accurate them. You don’t get to see that.

If you are the company, then invest in the company to make it stronger. Read to learn, grab at the courses that are available to you, search the know-how online, learn from others and experience the wonder of new things. Time and money invested in your personal growth will always pay back handsomely.

Accept what has gone in the past and know that you can not change it. Your past is your past, don’t get stuck there, learn from there, use that to build your destiny. Keep one eye on the future but live and grow in the present moment. That is where the magic happens.

Be grateful for what you have and look deep into extracting every single moment of joy from them. The grass is not always greener on the other side, and often it is green concrete. The concrete is cold on the feet and makes a terrible bed.

What you are thinking are your thoughts. These thoughts are your reality. Filter them well by removing the negatives in life, staying away from overdosing on the negative news cycles, from negative people, and being selective on what you consume – both mentally and physically. Your head, heart and stomach are intrinsically linked. Keep them all fresh and healthy.

Respect yourself and ensure that you surround yourself with a robust and favourable support structure. Family is family, and raise your tolerance level and accept their flaws but know when to keep toxicity at arm’s length. Love conquers all, so look for the love in people. It is always there if you look close enough.

Take action. Nothing is ever achieved by thinking about it – set goals, build in the habits and START. Making a start is what gets things going. Staying the course, not stopping, will get you to where you want to be.

Thanks for the coaching, son. You give great advice.


Experience travelling in China.

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