50 ways to say it is amazing!, wait, 101 ways.

Making Youtube videos is great fun. Not many people watch them, but it is ok. I am down with that because I want to learn stuff.

Today I was a bit under the weather – aye, I had run out of steam. (I am keeping this short)

Also, I had a great night last night with a few beers, a couple of lemon cello’s and a bike ride home from the Japanese restaurant, so I probably caused myself the harm.

The YouTube video will be up at some point this week. I would say it is worth a watch.

But being under the weather today, I watched some travel and cooking shows on television.

I wanted to learn, watch how the professional presenters stay focused. How they ask questions and keep the viewer’s interest, remain concentrated on the person they are talking to and keep it authentic.

One thing that did pop up was how many different words they would have to describe ‘amazing’.

So I checked the internet. I searched for fifty ways to say it is ‘amazing’.

And, there is more than fifty. There is one hundred and one. Bingo. A new hobby to get into. 


So cool.

Now I need to work out how to remember them all and pull them out of my slow brain when I need them.

I find the presenters I watched do that today (No. 41:) fascinating!

Experience Tianjin, an amazing City in China.

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