How to beat procrastination…

I had big plans for today. Big plans. All thought through and carefully and meticulously planned last night just before I fell asleep. Why is it that things are always so clear when you are lying down, resting, and close to falling asleep? There is something in that to explore at a later day. Note that down for future procrastination moments.

Then, this morning happened. When I woke up this morning, everything evaporated into distractions and thoughts of ‘I have enough time left in the day to get done what I wanted to get done’…

Tick Tock, Tick Tock. It is ok just to stay on the couch and face plant into the news channels. I have time. Tick Tock!

The Bitcoin collapse and rebound is so interesting… what caused it? What is it? Tick Tock.

Oh, another negative story about china, Tick, Biden did what? Tock, real UFO’s, wow! 


How a 17-foot, 3D-printed twin of Michelangelo’s David on display in Dubai could help revive tourism in Florence… This I have to understand…


I said in my head to turn off the television and get going, but I was not listening to myself. I had put myself on mute.

I knew I was procrastinating, but I was working hard in my head to avoid identifying that I was procrastinating by, well, procrastination.

I cut and reshaped the day’s plan in my head and shifted things to tomorrow, and pushed a couple of things even further into next week.

Telling myself, no one will know because it is just me that I am doing most of this stuff for – Youtube, Blogging and other projects. Who would know?

Right, who would know but me!

“The most pernicious aspect of procrastination is that it can become a habit. We don’t just put off our lives today; we put them off till our deathbed.”

THE ART OF WAR: Steven Pressfield

As soon as I made that statement in my head, ‘who would know but me?’ I stood up and turned off the television.

I would know. Me! I would know I was slacking on it.

I did not even think. I did not do any countdown, Mel (Robbins) or explosive action plan, Tony (Robbins).

It was clear what I had to do; I was overthinking it. 

I just had to do something and not think about it.

I turned off the television and got ready and went out. That was it. I did something, anything. I made a movement to change the status quo, and it was done without a single thought.

Was I achieving what I had planned? 

Not entirely, I achieved what I had planned for Saturday today. And what I had scheduled for this morning, this evening.

So I sort of won on the planning thing. It was a what you could call a draw.

But I know I won when I think about beating the procrastination battle that raged in my head. 

I kicked its ass after it had me on the floor (couch) for two hours at the start of the fight.

What did I do in the end up?

I went to the Beijing Art District and had a great day.

Enjoy the pictures.

(Note: I did shoot more video than stills so drop by the Youtube if you are interested in seeing more)

I would now like to share the pictures with you below.



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