My simple approach to deep work!

I have a couple of days off with some nice things planned, but I had to clear my feet to give myself the space to do what I want.

Boom – achieved it.

Four hours of focused deep work, and after the passage of the set time, I am clear. Finally, finally, done what I needed to do. 

Now I have almost the full two days left to do what I want.

I followed my 5 simple rules for deep work:

  1. Set out my plan of what I want to achieve and put a sensible time target against this. Be realistic and stick to big blocks of time: 2hrs, 4hrs, max at 6hrs.
  2. Find my space so I have no distractions and I am comfortable, and I have everything around me that I need. Everything is within arms length. Check!
  3. Set my Timer for my first break forty-five minutes into my allotted deep work period.
  4. Find my track as I put on my earphones. This will be the same track over and over again until my first break. I can change it to a new song after my first break. Only the same one song, over and over again, because it keeps the curious brain busy.
  5. Go aeroplane mode on my phone because that will distract me if I don’t – this has got to be done! It is a must… also, take off the damn watch that links to the phone, smart ass! (I forget this sometimes)

When all of that is in place, I press start and get on with it. I know that it takes me about fifteen minutes to find my rhythm, so for that time, I get fast, sloppy work done, and then I slow down. I get focused after that opening sloppy work, and I go on and get the job done.

That’s it. 

The simple deep work plan has allowed me to enjoy the next two days of celebrations.

It will be my second birthday away from the family due to the pandemic, but at least I will have a clear mind!

The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails’

William Arthur Ward

Ships Ahoy!

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