To Light Travel.

So I am off on a travel trip. I am heading to Wuhan all being well. I say that because there are some recent hot spots for the virus in China, with a handful of cases broken out across a couple of provinces. Approximately one hundred people have been affected, and the Chinese government’s full authority has swung into action to stop any spread before it even begins. There is a massive operation in play, and it is all carefully planned and, so far, it is squashing the outbreak.

So all going well. I should be heading towards Wuhan in a couple of days. I am all booked up, which was done in a heightened response to a challenge from a conversation that took place tonight. If I really want to push it, then I should just go do it.

So that I will. It is my pleasure.

My dilemma, as always, is about travelling with absolute minimum luggage. So this is going to be a test to get as light as I can on that front. The good news is that it is baking hot, so I can get away with shorts and T-shirts, and since it’s only three overnights, it should be achievable to get light. I will also do the ‘wash-Tshirt and wear trick’ to keep the baggage burden down low.

I am heading out by bullet train, so this is not about flight allowance or extra fees. This is about being as light as I can because I want to move fast. I want to be as free as I can from stuff to bog me down… sounds familiar.

Oh, and because I am lazy and hate carrying things.

The task that is now in hand is to reduce my technology footprint in my luggage. So I am saying no to taking my MacBook or anything like that. I am heading out with an iPad Pro, a big camera, a small camera, a couple of battery packs and a dongle and drive. That’s it. Reasonably light.

I am looking forward to seeing how it pans out because I want to shoot, edit and share a video to YouTube while I am away. This will be a wee taster for the future me – as always, I am researching, finding stuff out and being curious about the ‘how’ of the what happens next.

The topic for the YouTube video will be about visiting Wuhan, but it could well have been about travelling light.

And how to create on the go as a minimalist.

Now that is an idea.

This is a Raw video taken on the Streets of Beijing July 2021.

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