How not to care about what people think.

You really need to get yourself into that place where you don’t care about what people think about you. 

Travel Time Agility!

I am planning something extraordinary, and I am perking up because of what I intend to do. 

Update to go backwards!

Frustration and pain as I pieced things back together throughout this week. I take full responsibility for my wasted and unproductive week – I should have known.

Is China back to normal?

Even now that P***K Boris Johnson is making rash choices based on whatever mood takes him. That is my perception anyway, I might be wrong, but I am right about the P***K thing, though, am I not?

In Production: Why China?

Some great people out here in China are from all over the world doing this already. I will share some of the links to them in the description below. I will join their discussions and echo them as we discuss more of what China is actually like.

Communication Is King, but…

I sometimes wonder if the person who designed the product had any say in the packaging design or even had any connection with the person who created the packaging?

Disaster strikes!

The blogging has been enjoyable, and the weekend of experiences, food and company has been all brilliant.

Gotta chew my food!

Like I said initially, there is a lot of spaghetti in this short story, so stick with it as here comes some of the sauce.

Mind fear is scarier than the real thing!

They either can paint a whole new narrative over the top of the story that is being told or have managed to continuously place themselves into the story as a hero. As the person who saves the day, that halts the runaway train or saves the world from aliens.

An Occam’s Razor.

When it rains in Beijing, it can be heavy, thunderous, and soggy on the feet if you are not careful because there are many small puddles.