In Production: Why China?

Learning: approach the video editing with a script, story line and a purpose – Ok, I will try!

My journey…

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In today’s video, I want to explain a little more of my journey and give insight into where I am at with this video blogging thing that I have found myself getting into at a slightly older age than some of the others out there.

A bit of me, I am from Scotland in the UK – soon to be an independent country with any luck. Anyway, I find myself living and working here in China, which is an incredible place to live, but I will come back to that in a minute or so.

So, why am I doing this Youtube Project, and what is it about – ok, I will try and sum it up in three points, but believe me, it is still evolving.

ONE: ‘Embrace a journey to a new kind of Retirement.’

I find myself on the other side of fifty years old, and I started to think about traditional retirement, and it doesn’t really float my boat. 

My dad retired and then went right back to work after a short period of time relaxing. My mum, who is 93, is still making and selling her arts and crafts to this day, so I think it is in my blood to keep doing something. 

But I was clear I don’t want to do traditional work for the rest of my life, and I also want to ‘retire in some form’ earlier than planned while I still had some life left in my legs.

I stumbled onto the FIRE movement, which is about saving like crazy to bring forward your retirement – anyway, that caught my attention, and I am on that trip. I will most probably share some of that journey with you all on here at some future point.

TWO: ‘Oh, what to do when I have more freedom?’

So the question I asked myself was, “When I retire into doing something else, what is it that I want to do? And where do I want to do it?”

My answer to that started with the where I realised that I want to move around and experience different places and travel back and forth from other locations to a home base in Scotland. 

So then the question is, what kind of job/thing would allow me to do that – what would give me the freedom of movement along with the ability to work in a way that suits me.

The answer to that is obviously working in some digital way where I can do most of what I need online… 

Now I don’t know too much about that stuff, so I started to research using online training. From that, I wanted to actually produce something…

I started to write a blog, and so at the start of the year, I set myself a target to write a blog every day this year and to have an average word count of over 700 words. I am halfway through this year, and so far, all so good…

But then someone told me I should get into audio and video because that is how people consume information these days. So that’s when I started to try and understand video, the youtube stuff and learn video editing from scratch.

So far, it has been a learning journey, but that is how we get better – we try things, so this channel is about me trying things.

THREE: ‘What problem am I trying to solve?’

When I started to shoot and edit videos on the youtube channel, I went all in without much idea. But since then, I have been watching some other video bloggers to try and get some guidance. There are some super talented people out there doing great things. It is impressive to see people with that attitude where they are changing the world because they are helping people see and learn things they would not normally do.

The one thing that kept coming up for me was the question – What problem are you trying to solve?

I didn’t know the answer to that. 

I have many passions, and I would love to share them with you over time, but the fundamental question was what problem am I trying to solve.

This was about the time that the clown Trump got booted from the white house. Biden was in as president, and I started to hear more of the same anti-China rhetoric. This time it was slicker in style, and I thought it is just not what I have experienced while living here in China for the last five years.

It is just lies and propaganda from the western media, and I thought that is just crap. More so because I know what it is like in America and in the UK and Europe as I have been there…

From homelessness, food banks to getting shot or stabbed in the street – I have seen all that craziness.

Please note, I love America, UK and Europe, unique places to see and beautiful people everywhere. Still, they are getting their minds twisted by some of the worst coverage and biases from all media types on all types of subjects. Often subjects with specific interests from the corrupt.

In my experiences, most people are peace-loving people and just want to be left alone to live a fulfilling life, but there is no money in that now, is there!

Anyway – the China bating just does not add up because it is not what I have experienced while living in China.

CONCLUSION: ‘I am adding my voice to the reality of living in China.”

So this where I am at.

I am adding my video voice to what all the other people telling it straight, about what it is like living in China.

It is not what you think and not what the foreign media are telling you to believe.

Some great people out here in China are from all over the world doing this already. I will share some of the links to them in the description below. I will join their discussions and echo them as we discuss more of what China is actually like.


The problem I am trying to solve is the challenge that people from the western world have with getting really accurate insight into life in China.

So that is it. In sharing my video stories, I hope to travel more and learn more about working remotely in some form or other for my future retirement. 

…and hopefully, add my dainty little voice to championing world peace.

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