One to remember before sleeping.

I don’t always like it’s the suggestion, but I usually go along with it. When my body tells me that I have overeaten, I try to listen, so I stop eating. It’s not easy to do, but I drag myself away from the table, kicking and screaming.

To Light Travel.

So all going well. I should be heading towards Wuhan in a couple of days. I am all booked up, which was done in a heightened response to a challenge from a conversation that took place tonight. If I really want to push it, then I should just go do it.

Running out of Steam or…

This is a point in the year where my daily blogging has tired me… I need a boost, help me if you can by suggesting an action. Cheers.

The Boss paradox.

think it did teach him good as a lesson because he still has an attitude problem and he has an issue with authority. Now, not in a bad way, like, he is going to prison, bad way

10 Tips to know before starting your project.

So I am now left with the quandary of going all out and sorting, organising and planning carefully for everything I do from now on or, I take the ball-aching prospect of the retrofit. Organising all the stuff from the past into the way of the future.

The Upgrade Cycle.

After all, a bike with five gears is very much the same as a bike with six gears, so ask yourself, do you need that extra gear, or can you pump that out with your own effort?

Looking good there, mate!

I am sure there is a much more complex way to position the idea of evolving by using a PowerPoint denoting change curves and some fancy ready-reckoner, but my old dad’s words say it best for me.

This tickles me sad!

Get back to the office and work they say. We say different… or so we say? What do you say?
Thought so – money talks.

Obstructionist language is invigorating!

Of course, he was right. I would never have liked the army. I admire the people who excel in such a field. I am in awe of the soldiers who go on to be the elite. That is some real mental toughness right there for everyone to see if they want you to see it.

When to spend a penny.

ghhh, feck right off you horrible basturd of a phone app. It continued to torture me by dangling the added extras included in this excellent one-off price.

A horrible but necessary quote is…

Some quotes can hasten your actions and spring you into life. Some quotes can make you stop and ponder. It is all depending on your listening skills and your mood.

Castles in the sky!

I was talking the other day to someone about how I am on a news, propaganda and information diet. I am reducing my intake and being more selective on what I watch, read, or accept. I am beginning to question the sources named in the latest analysis hit piece.

The measure of a great day…

When that connection happens, when people push back and say enough is enough. When they scream from the rooftops, even things out, or there will be consequences, when the voices of the masses are heard…

Making of a jigsaw puzzle…

hat fight and get my desire to stay on the creating side for the most significant part of the day. However, for the moment, it is all snatched slices of time.

No it’s not time to move on…

I fear that not everyone can grasp the complexity of Machiavelli because he himself was a complex and devious wolf and at the core of most humans is common decency. We are a herd of meek sheep hoping for the goodwill of others to avoid the butcher’s shop.

In Production: My top 10 City’s in China.

The following was a script I wrote for my soon to be released youtube video. The one thing I learned from this new experience of scripting out what you want to say – is that it is hard and it is easy to get the timing wrong by overwriting… 

When your timing is off, do this!

Because I had another terrible nights sleep on Monday night, and that compounded the previous nights crap sleep, so all and all, come Tuesday, I was like an extra from the walking dead.

Put that on a T-shirt!

And I drifted back to my internal urban photography scene, which now had a much more violent undertone to it. The guy in the yellow jumpsuit was now sporting a black matrix-like outfit.